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NY at Ohio - 1st Half notes

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE


12 for 23 for 95 yards 1 TD and a tipped ball INT.

Note: 23 passes in the half? Last year Zordich threw the ball only 24 times in the whole game. I wanted to see us protect Licata with the run game, and we are not. Oh well. Licata looked good early, his deep ball is not there, and now his short stuff seems to be uncertain. This is where you worry about a young QB losing confidence in himself.


No real impact today, 13 for 32. Is the lack of a running QB option hurting BO? He did his damage with swift QBs Anderson and Zordich. A few 3rd and shorts today the defense stacked the box and forced BO to go through..would love to see Zordich in on those plays.


5 for 42. Solid as usual.
The help has 7 catches for 53 yards which is pretty good for Buffalo.


Got burned on the first TD, the 3 man rush is doing him no favors.


Amazing showing, his bull rush has made Tackles look like RBs trying to block him. If we ever have him not rushing the QB we are wasting everyone's time.


Bro do we even watch tape? This coaching job is poor. It's a testament to OSU's inexperience and our athleticism that we are in the game, because we are losing matchups everywhere and not taking advantage of the matchups we are winning.