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Last Thoughts on Ohio State... Charge of the Blue and White Brigade!

As inspired by Lord Tennyson

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports


Half a yard, half a yard,
Half a yard onward,
All in the Shoe of Columbus
Rode Bulls of Blue and White.
"Forward, the Buffalo Bulls!
"Charge for Braxton!" he said:
Into the Shoe of Columbus
Rode Bulls of Blue and White.


"Forward, the Buffalo Bulls!"
Was there a man dismay'd?
Not tho' the player knew
Someone had scheduled a pay day:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and try:
Into the Shoe of Columbus
Rode Bulls of Blue and White.


Braxton to right of them,
Hall to left of them,
Meyer in front of them
Volley'd and thunder'd;
Storm'd at with bombs and draws,
Boldly they fought and played well,
Into the jaws of Ohio,
Into the heart of OSU
Rode Bulls of Blue and White.

40-20. It was everything you reasonably could have asked from Buffalo given the task at hand. 

What if that hands to the face penalty did not negate UB getting the ball at the one, when the Bulls were only down ten. What if Licata did not fumble the exchange on the next drive

It's great to play games with what if's to see just how UB could have shocked the world but alas "If if's and buts were candy and nuts"..

The Bulls could have done it but in the end they played well, stayed healthy, and the check cleared. Mission accomplished.

Last year's Georgia game should have helped UB fans learn that these week one games against power teams do not really prove your real strength one way or the other.

You can be a good team and get blown out, you can be a bad team and hang tight. In the Mid American Conference we have seen both in recent years. Teams get blown out only to win their division and squads play hard nosed games with pride only to limp along the rest of the year.

What is not in question is that Khalil Mack is who we have been saying he is all along. Mack is one of the best linebackers in college football and probably the best ever to wear a UB uniform.

If he stays healthy he is a round one pick in this years NFL draft. Whether or not Urban Meyer pretends to know his name or not is of no consequence. The college football world no knows the name Khalil Mack.

Aside from Mack the depth at linebacker impressed me, including Blake bean who was called the player who was going to have a break out year by David "BrandedBull".

Colby Way looked good and that is a reflection on the job Beau Bachtelle did in his first game replacing Steven means.

Najja Johnson looked pedestrian against the Ohio State receivers and while a lot of that can be hung on situations where UB only rushed three some also falls on an apparent inability to track the ball in the air. It's something to watch as UB goes to Baylor.

Joe Licata is not quite playing at the level where we saw Drew Willing in 2007 but he is close, and if he is already there then the potential for a career brighter than any had by a UB quarterback in the modern era. Of course that all hinges on UB finding a replacement for Alex Neutz, heck even someone to be a threat along with Neutz this season would be nice.

While we wait for the receivers to come up at least the Tight Ends can carry the load. Both Mason Schreck and Matt Wieser had solid games.

One game proves nothing, but two? two solid games against hig level AQ competition? That is something we can hopefully look forward to this week. Enough with the Buckeye's.... Bring on the Bears!