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Buffalo Bulls Press Conference Quinn and Khalil Mack before Ohio State

Following Danny White's brief statement to the media about UB's off season administrative moves Jeff Quinn and Khalil Mack took questions from the media. Some highlights?

When asked about how the team could prepare for the environment they will face in Columbus Quinn commented on the teams experience last season in Georgia, and I would add the year before in Tennessee.

The Bulls were "Challenged in a very hostile environment last season" and he expects that to help keep his players "Locked In" as UB attempts to pull a major upset against the Buckeye's.

Ohio State in some ways is no different than our games against the Bulldogs, Vols, or any number of paycheck games UB has undertaken in the past 15 years. In some ways, however, it is far different.

Quinn talked about the National exposure, something we got last season but in addition to that Buffalo wants this game more because of the 12 kids from Ohio on the team. Seven of those players will be making the trip. The Bulls are in a conference with six teams from Ohio but none of them will give Quinn's team the exposure in Ohio that this game gives them.

Someone asked how Dunmore, a walk on, ends up the starter this season. It was a pretty big surprise but Quinn said Alex Wood saw the "mindset and effort" set Dunmore apart from the other receivers looking to fill that third spot.

The other depth chart question was Alex Neutz returning punts. Quinn said he stuck Neutz there because UB "can't play cautious" The thinking is that on special teams UB has to put the best players on the field for this game, if not for the whole season.

Khalil Mack had the line of the Presser. We "Respect our opponents but we fear nobody".

Hopefully that attitude yield fruit this Saturday.