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Buffalo Pregame Press Conference - Ohio State Edition

It's back!

Side note: Recently in a twitter exchange a Buffalo News Sports reported chortled at the mention of this site. The idea of a fan driven site means we are amateurs. This is the same reporter who said UB was not doing enough to engage Buffalo.

Now I would like to know from the Buffalo News why there was *ZERO* participation from the Buffalo Media in the MAC coaches press conference? None, Nada, Zilch (and it's not the first time)! If you are going to put on the "we are the real press" hat it might behoove you to , you know, attend press conferences, especially ones you can just all in to? /rant

I have two pet peeves on these press conferences. The first is stupid Questions and the second is when a Coach does not answer the question posed but goes off on a tangent. There was a bit of that this week when Quinn talked with the press.

The stupid question came right off the bat when an AP reporter asked Quinn if he set realistic expectations for the game. REALLY? What coach and any level says "Let's go out there and not lose too bad!"

Quinn gave the standard I prepare the team the same way every week, play a complete 4 quarter game and let the rest take care of itself.

The Columbus Dispatch asked about Tepper's influence on Khalil Mack... This is where pet Peeve number two came in. Quinn went on about how great Tepper is and how his dad was a big fan but never actually addressed what, if any, influence Tepper has had on Mack's game?

The best, and most honest question came from the Canton Repository. "What do you do when their X's are Better than Your O's."

This is asking a coach about a lop sided match-up without the idiotic "have you given up yet" angle. Quinn gave the only answer he could. The players have to know who they are and play at the highest level they can. UB Needs to fight for every play.

I'd like to think that somewhere you also say "and we look for the one or two mismatches in our favor and try to maximize them, we try to be a team different than what OSU is expecting us to be, we open up all the trick plays, ....

The dispatch asked  about our Quarterback Instability Last Season (is losing one QB to injury half way through the season and finishing with his back up really instability?)

Quinn Noted that the team has rallied around Licata and he has shown he is the best QB on the team. Licata is an accurate thrower and he is becoming a better leader. A big think to learn for Licata is how to protect himself.

Here was a double does of peeves... The Cleveland Plain Dealer asked Quinn to compare Miller to the darkhorse Heisman candidates from the MAC. The only problem here is that they never, at any point named the players he was talking about. Jordan Lynch is a safe bet but who is number two?

Compounding a stupid question was Quinn going off on a tangent about how awesome Braxton Miller is. Now Miller is awesome but that's not what was asked.