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Home Warrior - Eastern Michigan - Fight for the Ontario Sandwich

Traveling to a UB football game? Well We here at Bull Run just spent weeks driving around the MAC footprint to find out where you should pit stop and what you should do. If you are traveling to UB for a Buffalo home game we will cover those as well!

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It's that time again. Jeff Quinn is going to get his third shot at the Eastern Michigan Eagles a team that Buffalo has yet to defeat since they joined the MAC back in 1999. Part of the reason for UB's lack of luck has to do with not having EMU on their schedule from 2007-2009, the Gill years.

Or it could be that the years we have gotten them have been some of EMU's better years. You know the glory of their recent 6-6 season that included two FCS games. With Stan Parrish coming back to the MAC as EMU's OC this is a team that can be dangerous.

Whatever the reason the UB football team has yet to bring home the Ontario Sandwich Trophy, could this be the year? How many EMU fans are going to make the trip to find out?


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The Route

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Time - Five Hours

Distance - 300 Miles

Tolls - $13.50 Total - (Port Huron ($6.00), Peace ($6.50), and Grand Island Bridges($1.00))

Fight the temptation to cross into Canada via Detroit. Port Huron is a better place to cross and the 402 is a better drive than the 401. 402, in my experience, has more rest stops but that might just be perception.

Canada is a pleasant drive but some notes for people who don't cross over that much there are two things you need to know.

  1. Those signs in the Kilometers per hour. I've known more than one person who thinks those are invitations to "open it up".
  2. You now need a passport or enhanced license to get across into Canada. It's not like when we were kids and the "Where were you born" question is the be all end all of getting across.

Pit Stop

It's a four hour drive unless you have a baby or someone who is inconvenient with you this is a no pit stop run. But if you do pull over for food maybe you can visit a sentimental favorite of mine. On Friday night you can do a lot worse than a fish fry at the Royal Canadian Legion Frontier Branch. My Grandmother loved to take us out for a fish fry on Friday. It's one of the things I miss now that she is gone.

After you get your grub on time to cross the Peace Bridge.


The nearly 90 year old bridge can get a bit congested but as of 2008 it was the only bridge in Canada that supported EZPass.

Before the Game:

As part of Danny White's push for 100,000 fans this year UB will be having five concerts, one during each game at UB stadium. Before the EMU game fans will be treated to "Kool and the Gang".

So when you get to Buffalo Where to Stay?

If you plan to take in Buffalo's impressive diversity of architecture you may want to stay at Hyatt Regency on Peal Street in Buffalo. It put's you a little bit away from campus but very near some of Buffalo's buildings that are worth taking in.

Of course if you want to stay right near the game there is, of course the Marriott right off of campus.

While You're in Buffalo what else should you do?

In addition to the waterfront I suggested to UConn fans, and the Falls which were mentioned to Stony Brook fans there are some great sights right in down town Buffalo. The New York Times has said "Buffalo is home to some of the greatest American architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries."

A good deal of it can be seen on foot around the Marriott.

The return drive:

I'm going to pass on the Ypsi water tower jokes, they have been done to death. So when you get back you can check out the Ypsi Automotive Heritage Museum.