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Road Warrior - Ohio State - Love the Wafflehouse

Traveling to a UB football game? Well We here at Bull Run just spent weeks driving around the MAC footprint to find out where you should pit stop and what you should do. If you are traveling to UB for a Buffalo home game we will cover those as well!

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Jamie Sabau

So it's late August and football season is finally here. If you're lucky you are going to drive down interstate 90 from Buffalo to Columbus to attend the game.


SB Nation is now partnered with Ticket Master so if you're not getting your tickets through UB (The Bulls have a nice package put together) then you can get them here on Bull Run via the Tickets Link.

The Route

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Time - Seven and a Half Hours

Distance - 441 Miles

Tolls - $3.15

It's not a terrible drive but it is five hours and three states. On the plus side once you're out of NY you can get there without any tolls. You have two choices here, leave at 5am to get there just in time for the game or take off Friday night make a couple of stops so you can call it a proper trip.

Pit Stop


I can not say this strongly enough! If you're driving to Columbus from Buffalo you have to hit a Waffle House. It just so happens that you will pass a Waffle house on the way which is distinguished as the furthest East and North of any other in the chain.

A word of Warning for New Yorkers. When you tell the folks at the Wafflehouse you want your steak "Rare" they actually make it rare. It's not like the Empire State where rare is medium rare.

Coffeewh_medium So if you can get your order right and are ok with comfort food it's the perfect pit stop. If you're leaving on Friday night this may be a good stop for dinner but if it's an early saturday departure for you then you'll have to have some coffee and Waffles.

The coffee is not fru fru coffee but it is strong! A cup will help get you through the second half of an morning drive.

The stop is also a chance to feed the little ones because let's face it nothing can quiets the kids like a belly full of Waffle and a bathroom break.


Ok you just finished the only pit stop you will need on the way to Columbus!


So you get to Columbus where to stay?

If you're getting there an hour before the game this is easy but if you do the sensible thing and leave on Friday you'll need a place to bunk down. The Blackwell hotel is just two tenths of a mile from the stadium.

While You're in Columbus What else should you do

After the game you may want to stretch your legs before you get on the road. After all beating up on one of the top teams in the county who want's to get right in their car. Why don't you head to Alum Creek and walk off the buzz.

Disclaimer -

No, the Wafflehouse is not paying for any plugs here. Mrs Bull just really loves them and they are rare for Buffalonians (and Minnesotans)