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Dial Q for Quinn - Spring Football Edition

This seasons fitst "Dial Q for Quinn"

UB Coach Jeff Quinn took a few minutes to talk to the media in this years MAC spring football kickoff.

Quinn made sure to make note that last years end of season success along with 17 returning offensive and defensive starters. An angle that I had not put much thought into was that with only five positions not returning a starter the competition for those spots has been a lot more fierce than in past seasons.

When asked about the depth the first thing the Buffalo Coach talked about was securing Khalil Mack's senior season. "Without him our depth situation looks different" said Quinn.

The Quarterback Question came up again, and once again Quinn seemed to really indicate that right now the job is Licata's to lose. Joe Licata is taking the majority of the snaps and is talked up by the coaching staff as having grown into the role of UB's offensive leader.

The specific Question was along the lines of "do you use both quarterbacks". I am assuming he means a committee and while we saw Quinn do a little of that back in 2010 with Davis and Dennison it does not seem to be his modus operandi.

Quinn is putting the tools into place for some situational usage, like putting together a different core set of plays for each quarterback. The more likely scenario, however, is Alex Zordich coming off the bench if Licata is struggling (or vice versa). In Quinn's words he would play "The hot hand".

That being said it was once again reiterated that wh