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Jeff Quinn on the Rich Ganzler Show

Nice, long interview on the Fan!

Starting to see some of the fruits of this new relationship with "The Fan". A 20 minute lunch time interview on the Rich Ganzler Show with Coach Quinn is more than Buffalo was getting from WGR. I still have some questions about what this will look like when 1230 picks up Jim Rome, will there still be this kind of time for local coverage?

Its been said from several sources that Jeff Quinn is not beling nearly as boisterous during practice this season as he had during past years. The Coach attributed this to the leadership being shown by the seniors. "they've been doing the things that I feel a solid championship football team, at this time have been doing".

The recipe that kept Khalil Mack from going to the draft also popped up. On a recruiting trip to Florida Coach Quinn dropped in on Mack and talked about several big things he might miss out on if he left UB before his senior year.

"I said anything and everything I could" Said Quinn. "We talked about him putting his name and his family name in the NCAA record books"

There is a very real shot Mack will set one or two NCAA all time defensive records. Tackles for loss and forced fumbles.

The Spring Game

A lot of it we've already talked about here

Two offenses matched up with two defenses, for the first time in and will play the game the way it was meant to be played. There will be 15 minute quarters, no restrictions on the number of plays or time on a drive.

The precautions against injury are a lack of kickoff returns, and quarterbacks playing touch football with the defense. Also the defense will be asked to watch the awkward hits.

One interesting thing to see is the slightly different play sets the quarterbacks will be running. The offensive coordinators have a set of plays grouped together for each quarterback. The Joe Licata playbook differes a bit from the Alex Zordich playbook which again might differ a bit from Tony Daniel

Here is the interview, it may take awhile to load..