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Buffalo Bulls Spring Game - Quinn versus Tepper

It's Ecks vs. Sever, Joe vs. The Volcano, and Spy versus Spy all wrapped into one Saturday afternoon.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

For the first time since the mid 90's UB's spring game will actually be more game then scrimmage. With UB splitting up the staff and team into blue and white. My guess is at this point Quinn will be taking the first team offense and Tepper will be taking the first team defense.

Despite what the resume says there are two pretty experienced head coaches on the sidelines. Quinn has been with Buffalo three years and despite a modest record the team has shown improvement. Coach Tepper has 15 years of head coaching and more than three decades in total.

I'm wondering if maybe these spring games should determine the head coach for the following season.

Here is my SWAG at the teams for this Saturday.

Team Quinn Team Tepper
Alex Neutz WR Devon Hughes
Andre Davis LT Pat Wilson
Jansen Carlson LG Bob Blogdett
Trevor Sales C Gabriel Barbe
Dillon Guy RG John Kling
Dan Collura RT Jake Silas
Alex Dennison TE Jimmy Gordon
Joe Licata QB Alex Zordich
Branden Oliver RB Devin Campbell
Boomer Brock FB Mike Gelz
Cordero Dixon WR Ron Willoughby
Fred Lee WR Rudy Johnson
Blake Bean DE Kristjan Sokoli
Dale Barksdale NG Beau Bachtelle
Kendall Patterson DE Colby Way
Brandon Tammaro OLB Khalil Mack
Ryan Paxson ILB Jake Stockman
Travis Pitzonka ILB Lee Skinner
Dalonte Wallace OLB Kendall Roberson
Carlos Lammons CB Najja Johnson
Adam Redden SS Okoye Houston
Witney Sherry FS Derek Brim
Maqus Baker CB Cortney Lester