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Jeff Quinn talks UB Spring ball and Licata

Jeff Quinn hit the airwaves today talking with Howard Simon on WGR550

It was a typical spring coaches interview, there was a lot of talk about the strong finish last year carrying over to this season and a pronounced sting of noncommittal phrases when asked about the starting UB quarterback.

All Quinn would say of Joe Licata is that last year "he was solid down the stretch and he was ready". He also said that Licata has really worked on a couple of aspect of his game that were lacking. He may have been referring to his mobility which was non existent last season but utilized a bit in last weekends scrimmage.

Licata does not have to become Alex Zordich, or Chazz Anderson. We don't need a running threat behind center, we already have a stable of backs to do that. All Joe needs is to be able to move out of the pocket if need be so the play can develop down field, or take off for a hand full of yards here or there before sliding.

Simon asked about the Black out game and the upcoming CFA event with coach Quinn and Notre Dame's Brian Kelly.

I won't go too much into the Ralph game beyond saying I wish that he would not compare it to the recent Cincinnati Oklahoma game played at an NFL stadium. We are not playing a team that travels well so throwing out the sixty thousand who came out to see the Bearcats take on the Sooners is not really relevant.

The only thing of note for the Quinn / Kelly event is that if you buy a ticket to it then you get a free ticket to the UB home opener against Stony Brook.