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Notes after one week of UB Srping Ball

Surprises on the depth chart and Taylor seems healed to me.

Quarterbacks -

UB held their first open scrimmage today and the leading quarterback after one week it looks like Buffalo will be calling on e Jobi Wan Licata to save the day. Licata was a freshman lase season when he had to take over the offense the Bulls lost their starting Quarterback, Alex Zordich, was lost for the year against Toledo.

Licata had an impressive four game run and that seems to have translated into him getting the nod as the starting quarterback earlynod in the early days of spring ball.

The arm is was Buffalo fans expected and, for a change, Licata actually looked a bit mobile which would be a pleasant change for the normally pocket bound passer.

Tony Daniel looked good in reps with the second team, last season Daniel was the third line Quarterback and the Bulls place holder.

Running Backs

Anthone Taylor was listed as "recoving" in the spring prospectus. Today he broke through the line, shook off two tackles, and outran the secondary for a 50 yard touchdown. If he is not 100% yes it's fair to say that Taylor will seriously challenge Potts and Murie for the second spot once he is fully recovered.


Dillion Guy looks to be taking over on the right guard position which was expected but I was a bit surprised that Dan Collura looks to lead at tackle.


Starters look to be Way, Sokoli, Bachtelle, they kind of got pushed around a bit by the offense today but the linebackers looked good. The worry is the secondary where the second line guys looked weak against the sideline routes. From what RHB over at UB fan says they were pretty much victims play after play on one scoring drive.