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Bobby Hurley on Mike and Mike

Bobby Hurley on Mike and Mike

UB Athletics

Bobby Hurley is spending a lot of time on the phone today. I'll say this Danny White's big gamble. It is certainly getting the attention of college basketball fans anywhere. The more that comes out about his ability to recruit, and the fact Weber really wanted him when his brother moved to Rhode Island also says a lot.

Mentioned briefly that he wanted to work with the players to get their buy in. Wanted to tell them he was eager to work with them, and that he understood how hard this time was for him.

What he lead from Bob Hurley and Coach K, his father. The Passion for the game and the loyalty to the program.

A lot of the interview was spent talking about duke back in the day. Tied it to the problems with players not finishing their college careers before moving on. It was a very informative interview about hoops in general, more so than about UB specifically.

Hurley's take is that in the new world the elite talent leaves early and that flattens the world between mid majors and high majors. White used the world "shrink the gap". In his opinion this makes it much more possible for mids like Florida Gulf Coast to make noise.

He's not a dynamic guy when talking to the press, but who cares! If he helps the Bulls break a press that's all that matters.

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