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Hurley on WGR

To really appreciate a Bobby Hurley interview you have to prepare to take the good with the bad. For example the good is a 10 minute interview on WGR, a station that at times seems to go out of their way to avoid talking UB hoops. The bad is that they pretty much start with talking about White's time and Duke and end with talk about this years tourney.

Not that the coach talking about his background is a bad thing, but it can overshadow UB. Hurley for his part does a decent job about bringing it back to UB and WGR did not go too far off the beaten patch. So what did we learn?

1) Right place - Right time

Hurley had decided to be a head coach before he was asked for the Buffalo Job, so the offer came at just the right time. After he talked to white Hurley called Coach K for advice.

2) We can stop dreaming of Duke at Alumni

White talked about how hard it is for a mid major team to schedule power teams. With Rhode Island they ahd to go to Pitt but Hurley thinks that might be for the best. You can get hard shots at elite teams and get a pay check for it.

3) The players have bought in

Hurley talked about having a great response from his interactions from his players. Which could be expected considering that White consulted the players on their next coach.

4) New Coaches coming soon!

Hurley said he should have the staff named a week or two after the final four. He has people in mind but he is not planning on rushing the process.

5) Defense!

Then some talk about what UB will do, and it almost certainly won't be a zone defense. Hurley Talked a bit about a zone defense and it's down side, it's lax rebounding and tenancy to make players not be aggressive on defense.