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Bobby Hurley on the Dan Patrick Show

Six minutes of good exposure..

Hurley feels like he is ready for the challenge of a head coaching job said his brother really helped him get ready.There probably was a benefit in learning from your brother, if ever there was a frank relationship that would be it.

Hurely did say he had consulted with Coach K down at Duke last week before taking the job. Then

His states goals were standard coach speak. "School has a lot of potential", "UB is a sleeping giant". It's a lot of stuff we have heard before but I don think waking such a giant is easier than when a football coach says it.

What I really liked, when pressed on how to play the game. Hurley talked about wanting to maintain an exciting style but he wanted to give the players freedom within their abilities. The system should be built around the players creativity and ability.

Hurley comes off as a bit low key during interviews but from what I hear of him that's the opposite of what you will see court side.