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First Reactions After the Press Conerence

After seeing Hurley in action I'm slightly less "less impressed" and a bit more optimistic!

Any regular readers of this site know I don't have much in the way of a filter. I don't sleep on anything I write, heck I don't even proof read most of the content that goes up here (Not really paid you see). So my initial reactions to Danny White's hire was, well, not good.

Then I watched the press conference and the boiling rage was somewhat ameliorated. My concerns all still hold but I am seeing some of the upside people are talking about.

For one the guy knows the point guard position and UB happens to have a pair of very good point guards who need the mentoring. Jarryn Skeete and Jarod Oldham can each really benefit from Hurley's experience. It's one thing to know it and another to coach the team but in terms of 1:1 mentoring for our guards White could not have done a lot better.

The other concern I had was recruiting. But Hurley is connected with some great prep schools and has a name which could really get recruits to respond. Shannon Evans, who reopened his commitment after Witherspoon was let go, seems genuinely excited about the hire. On Twitter he has indicated that he is not only open to reconsidering his future at UB but is eagerly awaiting "a call"

Next year Hurley will have one of the most talented teams in the conference, and definitely one of the more experienced teams in the MAC. Hurley was brought in because White did not think Witherspoon could get UB to the next level with that amount of talent. Hopefully Hurley can!