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NCAA Basketball - Bobby Hurley Hired to Coach the Buffalo Bulls

The decision is in and... We are not amused...

Dan is going to have to hire someone to replace his Brother.
Dan is going to have to hire someone to replace his Brother.

Here is what I had to say about Bobby Hurley a few days ago when Channel two put him on a short list.

Let's see... Complete lack of head coaching experience and a whopping three years of assistant coaching experience at schools that are no more relevant the UB. Let's put it this way, Turner Battle has a resume that blows this guy out of the water!

Now the News, the spectrum, and the collective intelligence of Twitter tells me Hurley is in fact our new coach.

I know, I know he played at Duke and has shared a table with Basketball Royalty. Playing for Duke makes you no more qualified to coach a division one team than sleeping at a Holiday Inn. The guy has a more established track record owning race horses and singing than coaching. This is a wholly underwhelming hire.

In fact it was not until he was being sued for defaulting on a loan used to purchase a horse that he jumped into coaching. He was hired by a team his brother coached and moved, with his brother, to Rhode Island a year later. That's his coaching experience... No really! Thats *all of it*.

Here is everything about coaching on his page at GoRhody..

Bobby Hurley begins his first season as a member of the men's basketball coaching staff at Rhode Island, serving as the team's associate head coach.

Prior to arriving in Kingston, Hurley spent the previous two seasons as an assistant coach at Wagner College as a member of his brother Dan's coaching staff.

Now all of this being said maybe this is a hidden Gem of a coaching talent in a two years or so we will be toasting the genius of Danny White. I don't count being a great player as making you coaching material but White knows hoops and has to know this decision could make or break him with Buffalo.

But Hurley has a whopping two years of recruiting experience, and no head coaching experience.

I've asked Brandon, our hoops czar from some years back to weigh in on this because he knows College hoops better than I do. Heck I was not thrilled with Coach Jack but she is doing a great job turning the Women's team around. So while we wait for Brandon does anyone want to talk me off the ledge here?