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Senior Salute - Rudy Johnson

Buzz before he arrived: Rudy Johnson signed under Turner Gill and looked to be a QB in the dual threat mold set by Zach Maynard. When Gill left and Quinn entered with QB Alex Zordich, Johnson moved to Wide Receiver.

His Journey: After the switch to WR Rudy played in 12 games and started 2.

Debut Performance: Rudy caught his first pass in 2012 against Morgan State for 24 yards.

Breakout Performance: Rudy's breakout performance was his final game as a Bull. Rudy caught 3 balls for 39 yards as UB came from behind to defeat UMass.

Senior Moment: Rudy was dismissed from the team in the summer, with controversy, but he stayed at UB and continued to support his teammates.

Future: A semester away from his communications degree, Rudy continues to work with the company he interned with over the summer, preparing him to start a promising marketing career after graduation.