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Game Preview: Miami (Ohio) versus the Buffalo Bulls

This game doesn't really mean much for either team but that won't get in the way from Buffalo improving to 8-3.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

I've never had a game preview where I begin with my prediction but here’s a first.

Not only will Buffalo defeat the RedHawks Tuesday night in Oxford but the Bulls will dismantle them easily.

Miami is 126th (9.6 ppg) in the nation in points for and 99th (32.9 ppg) in the country in points against.

They’re winless at 0-10 with their closest game being a 17-10 loss to 1-9 Massachusetts, possibly the second worst team in the country.

Miami isn’t just bad. They are historically bad.

As a team, they’ve run the ball 366 times for only 946 yards and three touchdowns, an amazingly low 2.6 yards per carry.

At quarterback, Austin Boucher has led the way for most of the season but hasn't played the last two weeks. Filling in for him has been Drew Kummer and Austin Gearing.

None of the trio listed above has had much success in 2013, combining for 1,283 yards, 48.1% completion rate, seven touchdowns, and nine interceptions.

When throwing the ball, Dawan Scott and David Frazier are their top two options.

Scott has 25 receptions for 354 yards and a touchdown while Frazier has 22 receptions for 226 yards and two touchdowns.

The RedHawks are awful on offense every way you look at it.

118th in the nation in passing, 116th in the nation in rushing, Miami is a team of no strengths.

While I could get into matchups, I’d rather not. This is a game the Bulls shouldn’t be in position to lose.

Miami has been able to keep a handful of games within 20 points due to solid defensive performances but as a whole, they’re below average.

Expect Joe Licata, Branden Oliver, and Alex Neutz to carve up the RedHawks defense while the Bulls defense has a field day against the Miami offense.

To watch the Bulls defeat Miami, tune into ESPNU at 8pm.

Prediction: Buffalo Infinity to nothing (joking, sort of…) 42-3