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Q & A with Hustle Belt's EMU Division

Hustle Belt's EMU writer Alex Alvarado answers a few questions about EMU

Leon Halip

The Questions:

Bull_Trojan: With 3 tough opponents, is EMU "that bad" or do you expect EMU to be more competitive in their "winnable games", this week at UB, at Army and vs the other Michigans?

Alex Alvarado: Like most teams in the MAC, we have had our fair share of "unwinnable" games and unfortunately our record has to suffer. I'm still pretty confident in our chances against those four teams, but if the Ball State game has any indication of what EMU will be doing the rest of the season, then 4 wins is about as good as it could get for us?

BT: Last week UB played a battle of the hot seats which UConn lost and Pasqualoni was fired. In my opinion Quinn's seat is still hot, what is the status of Ron English as coach? Is this a battle of the hot seats 2? If English is on the hot seat, does a loss Saturday end his tenure?

AA: We sure are seeing a lot of underachieving coaches around the country get fired in these last couple of weeks, haven't we? To say English is on the hot seat is an understatement, and I know there are plenty of people who want nothing more than to see Ron English gone right now. Problem is, if he were to be fired, who will take on the responsibilities as head coach as well as the defensive coordinator? With that said, I doubt our new athletic director Heather Lyke will fire him any time this month.

BT: Tyler Benz has been sacked 14 times in 4 games...what's going on with the Offensive Line? Can they stop a Khalil Mack?

AA: Khalil Mack is a monster. If Mack truly is the guy that the "NFL Draft experts" drool over, it'll be a rough day for the big men up front.

BT: UB's 2013 feels like 2011 EMU, (where the Eagles went 6-6 including a 30-17 win over Buffalo and 3 losses by a combined 14 points.) Since then, EMU is 3-13, what happened to EMU...talent graduated? or something else?

AA: The local writers out here didn't want to talk about it too much, but English made it clear that the 2012 team was pretty cocky after the 6-6 season (I know, I know) Latarrius Thomas, Bridger Buche, Trey Hunter and Willie Williams were all missed going into the '12 season. Nick Olds' preseason injury and the lack of production by Javonti Greene didn't help too much that season either.

BT: This game is for the Ontario Sandwich. Never winning the Sandwich has been a sore subject around Buffalo, what does the Sandwich mean to EMU fans?

AA: Whether we have the football Ontario Sandwich trophy or not, Jimmy John's is always across the street from campus, if that answers your question.