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Buffalo and Eastern Michigan Series History

The only MAC team that the Bulls have never defeated is the one program most MAC teams have used as a tuning for since the late 90's.

Eastern Michigan has not had a winning record since 1995. They came close a couple of years ago but their 6-6 record was padded with two FCS wins. Oh yea they beat UB that season as well which should not be surprising because the Eagles always seem to beat us.

Year UB Venue EMU
2011 30 Ypsi 17
2010 21 Buffalo 17
2005 38 Buffalo 14
2004 37 Ypsi 34
2001 24 Ypsi 20

Eastern Michigan is UB's own personal Freddy Krueger. They live and die in the MAC's basement boiler room but they always seem to haunt Buffalo's nightmares as they continue to kill the Bull's while the sleep though games.

How does Buffalo manage to lose five straight games to a team with an average record of about 3-9 going back to 1996. It seems like it can't be real but the Bulls are unable to wake up. Now under embattled coach Ron English the Eagles are hoping to murder UB once again while the team slumbers.

This will be nightmare on EMU street VI, the first game we played against the Eagles in 2001 set the tone for the series.

On paper close with Eastern Michigan having little trouble running the ball all over UB. The Bulls, led by Joe Freedy took a ten point lead into the fourth Quarter.

Kainoa Akina then led the Eagles on two scoring drives, the go Ahead drive was a  Chris Roberson 16 yard touchdown scamper with under seven minutes remaining.

There was a 24 point blowout in 2005 but the remaining four contests between the two teams had an average margin of victory of six points. In the last meeting of the two teams Branden Oliver ripped off a 68 yard touchdown run in the third to give UB a 17-16 lead but the eagles would score 14 unanswered points as Alex Gillette threw two of his four touchdowns in the later part of the game.

So is this the episode where Freddy dies for good? or are the Bulls going to slumber through another contest.

Kainoa Akina
Joe Freedy
Joe Freedy
Joe Freedy
Joe Freedy
Joe Freedy