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Linked Up: Say it ain't so Notre Dame

Notre Dame is ending their series with Michigan? Now?

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Please Notre Dame reconsider. I don't care how much of a windfall your new ACC membership brings. I don't care if it makes less room for a cupcake game or two. You have to Keep Michigan on your schedule.

You're just getting back to the point where you can put the Big10 in its' place on an annual basis. Heck you've beaten to of their best teams so far this season. Why quit now?

Notre Dame ending Michigan football series in 2014 -
Notre Dame will opt out of its contract with Michigan, meaning that the last scheduled meeting between the teams will be in 2014. The Fighting Irish are exercising a three-year out. The teams were originally scheduled to meet up in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

As a closeted Irish fan I have to tell you that it's disappointing to see this game go away.

Now that's certainity

Ohio Depth Chart: Tyler Tettleon With A '100 Percent' Chance To Play Vs. UMass - Hustle Belt
After missing all the fun in a blowout win over Norfolk State, OHIO quarterback Tyler Tettleton is expected to play in their MAC opener at UMass despite being questionable, reports Jason Arkley. Coach Frank Solich said he's '100 percent' sure of it, actually. What I'm interpreting this as, it's not clear how much time he'll play, but he'll get some action in.

Wouldn't it be nice to be so sure about BO.

Will anyone be waiting for us when we get to UConn

Fire everyone: Western Michigan 30, UConn 24 - The UConn Blog
Well, it looked like we might have had a season for a while. It was a fun month while it lasted. UConn was embarrassed by a MAC team for the second straight year, losing to Western Michigan despite the Broncos playing much of the second half without star QB Alex Carder. The Huskies were miserable in every phase of the game and a combination of stupid mistakes, dropped passes and costly turnovers did ultimately did them in. The Huskies are now 2-2 and while they should expect to beat Buffalo next week and probably Temple in mid-October, finding six wins (and bowl eligibility) on the remainder of the schedule isn't easy.

I completely know how you guys feel. Last year we had this Big East team come into Buffalo and play an awful Game. Losing to that garbage pile sent our season into a tail spin ;)