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Talking Bull: Suggestion for Updyke's future parole officer

What do you get when you combine Harvey Updyke and anything garden related? Trouble!

Sir! Put down the wee whacker and step away from the lawn!

Harvey Updike, tree poisoner and all around creepy dude, is once again in trouble.

Harvey Updyke, alleged Auburn tree poisoner, arrested on terrorizing charges - ESPN
Updyke, 64, was trying to return a lawn mower to a home improvement store and became angry when the manager wouldn't credit him the full $150, the police report says.

The State court system can save itself a whole lot of trouble in the future with this simple rule. Keep Harvey Updyke away from anything that has to do with yard work. Equipment, chemicals, garden gnomes... You name it! With this latest incident Updyke crosses the line between "crazy fan you love to hate" and "crazy person who you kind of feel sorry for".

He's getting on in years and has let his latest bit of craziness, the tree poisoning not the lawnmower, completely take over his life.

Where have we heard this before

Fan base upset, want coach gone.

The problem with Paul Pasqualoni isn't that he's a bad football coach, it's that he's an old football coach
To make it worse, Pasqualoni is also stubborn. Ask any Syracuse fan and they will tell you that one of biggest, if not the primary reason Pasqualoni was let go was his refusal to cut ties with offensive coordinator George DeLeone, who is now dragging down Pasqualoni at Connecticut. Not only has DeLeone's play calling alternated between being infuriating and inexplicable, but he also decided to replace Mike Foley as the offensive line coach. Foley, who was in charge of last year's relatively-disappointing line was the architect of UConn's front for the past six years and still managed to produce two All-Big East lineman in 2011. DeLeone so far has produced swiss cheese.

But it's not all bad for Pasqualoni, at least he has a certain Athletic Director in his corner.

Warde Manuel Still In Paul Pasqualoni's Corner -
UConn athletic director Warde Manuel is standing by head football coach Paul Pasqualoni and the coach's staff, but he wants to see more consistency from the team.

I feel for you UConn fans, I remember hearing Warde tell us how UB football was heading in the right direction during Jeff Quinn's second year.