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Branden Oliver Day to Day

Kevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Well we have all been waiting for word on Branden Oliver with baited breath, here is is..

The New Haven Register Blogs: Ramblings from The Runway: Buffalo RB Branden Oliver is "day to day" with leg injury
"He is going to be day to day," Quinn said. "We have an outstanding medical staff that knows how to get these guys back on the field. He really banged up his leg in Wednesday night's game. I am not sure exactly where he is at in terms of today. We have to keep a close eye on him and see how he is progressing. (Receiver) Fred Lee, it was a tough play and a very physical play but he has his hand banged up, he has it in a splint and he is going to miss this week's game. Boomer Brock our fullback had a chest injury that is probably going to require some surgery, (defensive lineman) Steven Means is OK. Those are the four guys who had issues on Wednesday night."

To sum all that up

  • Oliver is day to day, he might play and might not but the better news is that he is not gone for an extended period. If he is no good to go against UConn we can expect him the following week (or there abouts)
  • Steven Means is good to go. That is really going to help Khalil Mack who wass forced to be a one man show in the second half
  • Fred Lee is out this week. No mention of surgery and no cast so if it is a break its not that bad.
  • Boomer Brock is out this week and needs chest surgery. Unless they are lancing a boil or something I suspect hte word "chest surgery" means he will miss some real time. Maybe Rashad Jean can pick up the slack.