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Calling For An End To The Quinn Experiment

Scoreboard don't lie - Buffalo Bulls head coach Jeff Quinn. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE
Scoreboard don't lie - Buffalo Bulls head coach Jeff Quinn. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE

The numbers don't lie. You can spin them any which way you want, but at the end of the day they are what they are, and in Jeff Quinn's case, they are pretty miserable. While I had the feeling they were quite bad, Bob DiCesare's story really shook me up as to how poor the Buffalo Bulls have been in three years (including this season).

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Overall record: 6-21 (22.2%)

This might not look too bad, taking into consideration that there has been some rebuilding both in coaching and in player losses. A 0.222 win percentage is quite tolerable for the first season of rebuilding, especially for a program of UB's stature.

FBS record: 3-21 (12.5%)

Wait, what? So a full 50% of the wins we've had in three years have been against non-FBS teams. Now things are looking really dire. But, wait for it..

MAC record: 3-14 (17.6%)

Now let's be honest here. The MAC is not a powerhouse conference. If we were in the SEC, PAC12 or Big Ten, I can see us having a measly 17.6% conference record. But not in the MAC, b***h please.

Home record: 5-9 (35.7%)

You must be thinking "Here's a silver lining, we're almost halfway decent at home." Nip that thought in the bud. Take out the three non-FBS wins and that percentage drops down to 18.2%.

Away record: 1-12 (7.7%)

Quinn has had the joy of exactly one away win in his tenure, a 28-26 squeaker at Bowling Green which we almost blew. The Falcons came back from 15 points down in the fourth quarter and only a missed field goal on the last play of the game gave us the win.

I joined UB in 2003, those dark, dark days when a certain Jim Hofher was head coach and we got more points from the boot of Dallas Pelz than the arm of P.J. Piskorik. The Bulls mustered 8 wins in five seasons under Hofher and it really feels like we're headed to the same sort of land of futility under Quinn.

Turner Gill rejuvenated the program when he showed up and in his four years UB went 20-30 (40%). There was hope that Quinn would continue on the good recruiting work that Gill had started, as well as getting the team an identity and a solid backbone. So far he has failed on all three counts. His recruiting policy has been all over the place, the Bulls have no identity as a running team or a passing team, and the lack of backbone is very evident when you look at their road record - one win in thirteen. Under Gill the team went 8-18 on the road, and if you take out the first year of his tenure (2006), it's actually 8-11.

With all that being said, it's time Director of Athletics Danny White sat Quinn and his team down, and had a no-nonsense chat about where the team is headed. This is year three of the Quinn Plan and we are nowhere nearer the promised land. Damnit Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman would have done a better job!