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Talking Bull: Better living through pharmacology

Yes ladies and gentlemen a Ball State player was busted stealing "male enhancement" (Boner) pills.

Report: Ball State Players Tried To Steal 'Male Enhancement Pills' - Hustle Belt
The Star Press' Zaleski reported earlier today that Newsome was suspended two games already stemming from a marijuana arrest, which was found during a traffic stop thanks to expired plates. I'm not sure where the boner pills fit into the equation, but there was an outstanding warrant for "conversion," which Zaleski writes can usually be written up in cases of shoplifting, so the theft might be older than this week.

I'm close to going mental at all the possibilities that this presents. But I am going to let this epiclly awsome bit of news sit for a big. It's like a fine wine, it needs to age.

This is the second time that Newsome has found himself in trouble recently. The Ohio State transfer got caugth with other "products" while driving in a car that had expired plates.

Jonathan Newsome Suspended, Cards Fans React Predictably " Over The Pylon
So there’s that. The Muncie Star Press reported that Newsome was pulled over on Sunday night/Monday morning for failure to signal a turn and police discovered an expired license plate on Newsome’s Jeep, a warrant was issued for a failure to appear charge, and upon further inspection of the vehicle, a small amount of what police believed to be marijuana. So Newsome’s Monday morning was significantly worse than yours, unless you finally got caught being someone’s heroin mule through the Texas countryside.

I guess the lesson here is don't always be thrilled when AQ level players transfer into your program. And if they do transfer in be sure to let your local pharmacy know.

MAC Preview:

MAC preview: A bevy of passers will have the league airing it out and piling up points - Yahoo! Sports
Expect a lot of passes to fill the air this fall in the MAC: The league has five quarterbacks returning who threw for 3,000 yards last season, the most of any conference.

Buffalo Get's it's first win of the year:

The ladies soccer team get the departments first win of the year!

Kerr's Career Day Lifts Bulls Over Canisius - Buffalo Athletics
The Bulls (1-1) jumped on the Griffs (0-3) early on thanks to Kerr, who took the ball up the wing and put a shot on goal. Canisius' Megan Tock made the save, but the rebound was settled easily by Katie Roberts, who put home the rebound for an early 1-0 advantage in the fourth minute of the game. The team would not let up, though, taking 14 shots total in the first 45 minutes alone and putting Tock to work with 11 of those put on goal.

Buffalo News on UB special teams:

UB seeks special returns - UB Football - The Buffalo News
Given last year's woes, the Bulls spent a good amount of time in training camp looking for players to fill one of the sport's more challenging special teams positions. Redshirt sophomore Cordero Dixon, a receiver, and true freshman Devin Campbell, a running back, came to the fore.