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Behind The Scenes At the UB Fantasy Draft Green Room

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FANTASY AMHERST - To no one's surprise James Starks was the first name called in the fantasy draft. The drafted ended with Tom McLaughlin, Kicker of the early 90's teams. While happy for his teammate, Chaz Ahmed could barely hide his sadness:

"I really thought I would be signed by ChiTown, [owner of a currently unnamed team], they drafted Alan Bell and Rusty Knapp, I really thought he would bank on our chemistry and add me to the roster. When he went Ernest Jackson I started to worry"

Ahmed is not the only snub. In the Tight End section Brian Miller forced Trevor Scott into a position change, he felt he was the better tight end, and Hofher's Heroes drafted Scott only to sell tickets. Jimmy Gordon was pretty upset about a dropped touchdown pass in 2011

"that seemed to be the deciding factor between Alex [Dennison] and myself"

Joe Freedy blames the draft analysts, his stock was down due to his QB rating, but he threw for over 5,000 yards:

"I'm a gunslinger, sometimes you have to throw a pick or two to make a great play"

Mark Taylor may not have had the numbers, but he led the '96 team to a 8-3 record, going 8-1 as a starter that year:

"I'm a winner, stats don't show that, but I win games, these teams missed out"

In the running backs section, Todd Pace, Marquis Dwarte, Ed Malanowicz and O.D. Underwood were snubbed. O.D. had the cameras on him in the Green Room the whole draft. Expected to go early in the first few rounds, he left the premises after round 4 as running back after running back were selected before him. His agent told us Offy's Army had interest, but they ended up going old school.

Before leaving we caught up with Todd Pace:

"I had some interest from Hofher's Heroes, they really wanted to run a triple option wishbone offense and I was a key as the best running fullback in UB history. However late in the draft they let me know the rules called for only 2 backs. They went with Lockport Lou, I'm pretty down right now."

Back at the WR section, Marcus Rivers was upbeat and was heard saying:

"True greatness is never recognized in it's own time"

But time is double-edged sword according to Matt Knueven:

"I was the Brett Hamlin of my era, I was the Alex Nuetz of my era, but it seems UB nation has forgotten about me."

Ahmed, the last man left in the green room, was asked if he'd watch the Fantasy season.

"I'll watch, even tho I wasn't selected I am rooting for ChiTown. I hope they crush Dibbles Dazzlers they selected Ike Nduka over me! He wasn't even invited to the draft!

Stay tuned as the Bulls who were drafted fight for UB Supremacy once the season starts.