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2012: Best of Bull Run #15: Penn State

Patrick Smith

2012 was a great year for UB and a great year for UB Bull Run. 2012: Best of Bull Run Looks back at the 20 top stories covered by Bull Run during 2012.

One of the most shocking stories of the year was the Penn State Scandal. UB didn't play Penn State in 2012, but as one of the nearest D-1 universities to Buffalo many members of the UB family are/were Penn State fans, and alumni.

BRJ75 is a Penn State fan and wrote a piece on the Joe Paterno he had and continues to admire:

Joseph Vincent Paterno What I Know by BRJ75 January 23, 2012.

Five months later, the NCAA spun the wheel of justice and randomly nuked the Penn State Football Program.
Tim wrote about the penalties and the conversation continued in the comments section:

What to Make of PSU's Penalties by Tim Riordian July 23, 2012.

In the meantime, the NCAA unfairly and randomly revoked one of it's already unfair cartel powers, granting free and unrestricted transfers for Penn State players. I quickly created a top 10 list of students we should look to poach from PSU, (you can take a Trojan out of the USC...). None of them came, but I wish they did as Penn State defied the odds and had a great 2012 football season.

Incredibly Tacky Poach List by bull_trojan July 23, 2012.