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Penn State Poach List

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Well it happened. Penn State got the "it's not the death penalty" super death penalty.

90 scholarships lost, 60 million dollar fine, 4 year bowl ban and the free transfer of any student as well as 13 years of vacated wins.

So, with some further ado, the 9 players UB could possibly poach from Penn State.

Further ado:

I am not in favor of sanctions for Penn State. The President and AD are fired and facing charges. Paterno is dead. Sandusky in jail. Everyone who had nothing to do with these crimes, already had to live with their institution being involved by such an awful thing.

The only redemption was on the field, they could win, form a new identity, but if they did so, the crime would be a central theme...the NCAA did not want that, it's bad PR.

Why do I say this, mostly because I was at USC for 5 years. The NCAA never had any evidence of lack of institutional control. As far as I saw, the trial was, "you have celebrities on the sidelines, you're having too much fun, and you dare to question the authority of the NCAA, for that they lost 2 years of post-season, 30 scholarships and when USC vowed to go undefeated to show the NCAA who's boss, the NCAA allowed free transfers for anyone who wanted to abandon the team.

The NCAA had proof the basketball team paid a star player, coach handed money. The basketball team got a self imposed 1 year postseason ban. It wasn't about justice, it was about putting USC in it's place. The punishment was like the stocks in colonial times, USC wasn't going to die, but they wanted to put them out in public and shame them. The new AD plays the role well, often apologizing and going out of his way to accept that they did EVERYTHING wrong...

When the NCAA allowed free transfers. I struggled with the whole concept. I don't think a student-athlete who does no wrong should have to suffer for crimes he did not commit. However, aren't the student-athletes in school for more than just football?

Also, I feel based on this precedent, Arkansas deserves sanctions. A coach violated the sanctity of the schools HR policies, hired his mistress, and then lied to officers.

But at least we know, morality is important, football is not everything...except in the SEC where football is is everything, (but it's ok, it's just how it works in the south) Remember to watch the SEC on ESPN!

I don't wish this on any program or player, but for conversation purposes, the 9 players and 5 recruits who might look at UB if they left Penn State.

1) Michael Zordich - Senior - Fullback.

How he'd help: UB bringing the fullback position back into the offense, Zordich would be the man to open the holes for BO. In a season where Oliver, will be targeted by opposing defenses, this could be key to sustaining our running attack. Zordich would be great in the red zone and on short yardage, he is a hard nosed runner and a capable receiver.

Why'd he come: He could play in the same backfield as his little brother Alex.

2) John Urschel - Senior - Guard

How'd he'd help: Big, powerful and excellent in academics, he would bring instant stability and leadership.

Why'd he come: John is from Williamsville, played his high school ball at Canisius.

Other New Yorkers might want to return in-state:

3) Stephen Obeng-Agyapong - RS Junior - Safety

4) Garrett Venuto - RS Junior - Quarterback

5) DaQuan Jones - Junior - Defensive Tackle - A impact DT, would do wonders for our run defense.

6) Shane Phillips - Redshirt Freshman - Wide Receiver

Or some current Bulls can perhaps influence some transfers:

7) Allen Robinson - Sophomore - Wide Receiver - He and Bull William Rembert are from Southfield, MI

8) Alex Kenney - Redshirt Junior - Wide Receiver

9) Patrick Flanagan - Redshirt Junior Cornerback

Kenney, Flanagan and current Bulls, Colby Way and Jake Reeder are from State College, PA

Also 5 recruits who have not played yet, and could come to UB:

1) 2012 recruit Akeel Lynch - 3 star RB - From WNY, played at St. Francis with current Bulls Adam Redden and Anthony Bartholomew.

2) 2012 recruit Brent Wilkerson - 3 star TE - Played at DeMatha, With current Bulls Dan Collura and Kendall Patterson

3) 2012 recruit Trevor Williams - 3 star WR,

4) 2012 recruit Da'Quan Davis 2 star CB - Williams and Davis Played at Calvert Hall, home of former Bull Dane Robinson

5) 2013 recruit Brendan Mahon - 4 star Tackle - Plays at Randolph, home of former Bull Drew Willy