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Talking Bull: Big East Takes another hit!

First you add Tulane and now this!

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Andy Lyons

Things are getting even worse for the nBe!

The ACC Votes To Add Louisville - Card Chronicle
This is a monster, monster step forward for the Louisville football program. Aside from the decreased likelihood of running the table (which still likely wouldn't leave the Big East Cards with a shot at the national title), there is no aspect of the football program that isn't improved dramatically by jumping to the ACC. You're leaving a conference that's going to be left behind by the BCS in 2014 for one that has already secured access. You're leaving home games against Memphis and SMU behind for home games against Florida State and Virginia Tech. You're no longer seriously worried about competitors using conference affiliation against you on the recruiting trail. You're no longer worried about national perception (fair or unfair) working against you.

This means the last remaining "long standing" football members of the Big East are UConn, Cincinnati, and USF. I guess you can sort of throw Temple in there as they were founding football members who were kicked out, then welcomed back.

Over the past 18 months or so the conference has lost West Virginia, Syracuse, Pitt, Rutgers, and now Louisville. Or as I like to call them the Big East schools with football potential.

UConn fans are understandably upset

It's official: Louisville to ACC over UConn - The UConn Blog
UConn was in the pole position for this bid, but got outmaneuvered by the Cardinals. President Susan Herbst and Athletic Director Warde Manuel will have a lot of explaining to do.

Can't really blame Warde for the fact Clemson and Florida State threatened to take their ball home (Big12) if they did not get L'Ville

Did Embree get a raw deal?

Former Colorado Buffaloes coach blames racism for Jon Embree firing - ESPN
Former Colorado coach Bill McCartney said racism was a factor in Jon Embree's firing from the Buffaloes head position after only two years on the job in Boulder. In a radio appearance, McCartney said the school did not give Embree, who is black, the same opportunity to build up his program as his white predecessors had at Colorado and that race motivated the administration's failure to stick with Embree.

Given the amount of academic improvement over the dumpster fire he inherited two years seems like a short span. The program has had scandal and is nowhere near to being on par with it's new conference mates in the PAC12.

I'm not one to see racism behind every bad thing in the world but even I have to ask is maybe there is something to this.

Buffalo Hoops

Big 4 update from Tsuj who examines why Regan has not, yet, been everything we have hoped for.

sports news, photos, videos and event listings -
Regan never visited Niagara and chose the Bulls, then watched as McCrea and Mitchell Watt led UB to the MAC Semifinal against Ohio while battling them daily in practice. Here’s what we’ve learned about Regan so far this year:

Watson should be back tonight, and that could make a big difference!

Watson returns, Bulls seek revenge - Sports - The Spectrum - The Universty of Buffalo
Buffalo will get back its best shooter and one of its veteran leaders in Watson. After he missed four games with an ankle injury, the Bulls are in need of their best shooter. He is shooting 57 percent from downtown in the three games that he’s played.

Our conference mates are noticing that we, um, are not very good

MAC Basketball Power Rankings, End Of November Edition - Hustle Belt
They added a blowout win against Division II Mansfield University. The good news is that Javon McCrea is being his habitually awesome self. The bad news is: this really looks like a team that misses Mitchell Watt. Turnovers and an inability to score has been the theme thus far.

Princess Zeigler update

Pitt's Zeigler suspended for DUI charges
Pitt basketball coach Jamie Dixon has indefinitely suspended junior transfer Trey Zeigler, who apologized for being charged with drunken driving after police said he was found passed out behind the wheel early Sunday.

Yea, um, this is why things did not work out for CMU!