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Breaking: Rumors of UB regarding Expansion (of Hockey)

Bullrunhockeynight_medium Is it hockey night in Buffalo?

Sports Director at Red Rock Radio/Duluth, Bruce Cickie has been busy in the twitterverse.

PBP of UMD men's hockey on 94X and Husband & father. Lots of work to do at both. Wild/Packer/Brewer fan.

I've talked about it in the past

Open Question: MAC Hockey - Bull Run
The Amherst Ice center is currently used by UB's ACHA men's team (non scholarship). The largest rink seats eighteen hundred people which, if sold out, would be higher than a third of current programs. The rink, whose parking lot is about 500 feet from Campus, would cost about eleven thousand dollars a year for 20 home games (yes I called them to ask).

Division One Hockey, Time to beat a dead horse - Bull Run
One thing to consider is this; Would starting division one hockey at UB be more, or less difficult than it was to (re)start division one football a decade ago. We are in a solid region for the sport, we are culturally a hockey town, and there are ties to other institutions with whom we already share some athletics rivalry.

But Warde Manual just talked with the news about not having the money to go Big East even if invited (yes we all know an invite was not forthcoming)

Here are some of the tweets

Bruce Ciskie
Source: Bowling Green meeting with Niagara, Robert Morris, Canisius, Mercyhurst, and a school currently without DI hockey program.

Bruce Ciskie
School without a DI program is one I have not heard as being tied to potentially adding a program, but currently MAC in other sports.

Bruce Ciskie
It's Buffalo, from what I've been told. As my source just said, if they start a program, it's two new programs out of this fiasco.

There are also Rumors that the school has been talking with the Sabres about use of HSBC. The Sabres owner, Terrence Pegula gave 88 Million dollars to Penn State so they could start Hockey. While I doubt any money is coming Buffalo's way he might give them a sweetheart deal on the arena (Similar to what UMass pulled of with Gillette.

I'm thinking its not going to happen but stay tuned, Ill dig around.