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Olympic Summer Preview Podcasts: It's August!

The Sunday night Olympic Rundowns won't start up again until August 21st after Women's Soccer kicks off the UB Athletics year in State College, PA, but John and I have a lot of preview work to get out to you all before the year starts, and now that it's August it's time to really get going, and videocasts are more time-efficient than writing at this point.

We'll see how many we're able to fit in, but each episode will have a smattering of topics from across UB's fall and early winter offerings. On the docket tonight:

Men's Soccer: Russell Cicerone
Volleyball: Fair expectations
Wrestling: Unexpected seniors
Women's Tennis: entering a golden era
Women's Soccer: Celina Carrero and Carissima Cutrona as offensive leaders
Men's Cross Country: Year-over-year trends, team balance, names to watch