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UB Football Way Too Early Season Predictions

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Matt, David, and Robby have had their turns but now it's my shot to take a swing at this season's football predictions.

But before I do let's catch up to where the other guys stand.

"UB 3 - 9. UB is a year or so away from hopefully piecing it together. Some talent on this team but lack of experience spells a down season for the Bulls. There could be huge movement in the middle of the five games and of course we all would love UB to pick a win against the come up short column. Wish I had a more successful prediction Bulls fans. Disclaimer that I do not speak for all the editors on Bull Run" -- Dave

Where I find common ground with Dave is hope for the defense but real concern for the offensive line. UB lost a lot of talent to graduation and were stretched so thin by injuries this spring that an offense vs defense scrimmage took the place of a Blue and White Spring Game.

The talent is there and O'Hagan is the perfect guy to sit in the middle of the line but I don't know that this unit will have the chemistry we need to help a new quarterback and receiving corps keep up with our opponents.

Robby comes in and say "five wins, just shy of bowl eligibility. I wish I could be more optimistic but I think it's going to be tough for our offense to keep up at times. I think the Bulls will be on the cusp of making a bowl but the games versus Army and at Ohio could easily knock that out of the picture."

Robby is Bullish on our options at Quarterback this season. Like Dave he comes down to believing that if the line steps up we could be good.

Matt's record prediction matches Robby, 5-7 for the second year in a row and just missing out on a Bowl game. Matt's big negative is the scheduling which sees UB play just three games before October.

So, for a change, I'm going to have to step in and be Mister Positive.

Matt's schedule complaint is legit. Three games before October is bad, especially with just one of those at home. But when you look deeper at UB's slate of games you see that the weakest opponents we play this season come to Amherst and the toughest of the lot, Akron, has to come in on weeknight.

Combine this with what I expect to be one of the better secondaries in the MAC and I could see the Bulls protecting UB Stadium for six wins. The season, I think, will hinge on the Army game. It's only the third career start for much of our offensive line and the game takes place a week after a long trip to Nevada.

If UB has it together by then they can certainly split the season, or better.