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MAC Power Rankings - Subtle Changes This Week

It’s hard to take too much away from this week. Everyone in the MAC was playing a “pay for play game”, either hosting an FCS team or going to a P5 conference school. Usually those are lopsided games that don’t speak to conference performance.

Buffalo scored the most points in college football this week, against a terrible FCS squad. Akron was destroyed by an amazing G5 programs.

The most telling games came from NIU and Ball State.

NIU knocked off Georgia Tech. The Yellowjackets are not a power team, but it was a great win by a program many picked to finish dead last in the MAC West.

Ball State won, but didn’t destroy WIU. You expect better from a team which is the huge favorite to win it all.

Here’s my take this week

Rank Team Pre Δ Comment
1 Ball State 1 0 That was *NOT* a very convincing win over an FCS school, but not enough to fall out of first
2 Toledo 3 1 Solid win over an FCS squad. But you never really learn a lot from those types of games
3 Kent State 2 -1 Hard to punish a team for losing to the number six team in the nation, but Kent never looked good at all.
4 Northern Illinois 7 3 Called it... Georgia Tech is not an amazing team this year but nobody was respecting what NIU is bringing to the table
5 Western MIchigan 4 -1 Good first quarter, not so much after that
6 Ohio 5 -1 The post Solich era did not start well, Ohio was kept out of the endzone the entire game by Syracuse.
7 Buffalo 8 1 Wagner is not at all a good team, even by FCS standards so a win here does not teach us too much about the Bulls.
8 Miami 6 -2 It was 35-0 before miami showed up, but they were playing the #8 team in the country and managed to look decent in the second half
9 Eastern Michigan 10 1 Solid win by EMU, offensively they were very sharp and are showing enough that they will give most of the teams in the west some serious competition.
10 Central Michigan 9 -1 Gave Mizzou a run for their money, that's a lot for this team.
11 Bowling Green 12 1 Didn't expect a lot, and Bowling green didn't do a lot.
12 Akron 11 -1 Auburn did to Akron what Buffalo did to Wagner, fitting since one of the BRuWPeG comments said "Wager was the Akron of FCS"