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Bulls in the Pro’s Weekly Update

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

You’re weekly roundup of what the Bulls in the NFL are doing:

Kayode Awosika (Eagles) - has impressed for the Eagles this summer, but according to Eagles wire he is expected to be a late cut, and moved to the practice squad (if they can keep him).

Demone Harris (Chiefs) - Harris’s fate seems to depend on whether or not the cheifs decide to keep 10 defensive linemen on the roster, or nine. beleives they go with nine and Harris is left out. If he does not make the cut he’s done enough in KC that another team may give him a shot.

Tyree Jackson (Eagles) - Was on track to land as a tight end on their final roster but got injured. Injury or not the folks over at BleedingGreenNation still see Tyree on the roster this fall.

Anthony Johnson (Steelers) - Didn’t make the cut in Pittsburgh.

Malcolm Koonce (Raiders) - Silver and Black pride has a great piece showing his progression, in game, from raw and athletic to better technique and more effective.

Cam Lewis (Bills) - Didn’t make the cut for Buffalo

Khalil Mack (Raiders -> Bears -> Raiders?) - No, Chicago is not letting go of Khalil but the rumor is that the Raiders approached Chicago about getting their Mack back.

Steven Means (Falcons) - Is not only a staple in Atlanta, he’s taken to the role of mentor for incoming players.

Antonio Nunn (Falcons) - Can’t find a lot of news but there are a few blurbs here or there that he’s not expected to make the final roster, he may end up on the practice squad.

Jaret Patterson (Washington) - Is very close to making the final roster, they still question his size but his performance this summer has put him in a place where cutting the rookie will be a really difficult decision.

The best sign for Patterson may be that the coaches have him returning kicks now. This is what you see a lot of with edge case guys that the coaches see a future for, but don’t have the room on the depth chart now. If they can produce in special teams, and seem to be a guy to develop you keep them around.

Mason Schreck (Bengals) - Still looks solid as the third tight end in Cincinnati.