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Bulls In The Pro’s, A Quick Rundown

Kansas City Chiefs stage furious rally win Super Bowl title David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Kayode Awosika - Philadelphia Eagles : Guard

Football is coming back, and not just College. Here is who the NFL lists in camps.

If I’ve missed anyone, let me know.

Kayode Awosika - Philadelphia Eagles : Guard

One of the best linemen ever to come out of UB he’s taking the diffuclt road of being an UDFA in the trenches. But the narrative coming out of the Philly sports media is that he is impressing the coaches and if the Eagles go with 9-10 linemen on the roster Kayode is doing enough to take one of those spots.

Tyree Jackson - Philadelphia Eagles : Tight End

Tim Tebow is not the only QB making a transition to Tight End in hopes of getting onto an NFL roster.

Tyree Jackson, who is a gifted athlete, never quite managed the job of running an NFL offense. But.... As a tight end he is blowing people away in the Eagles camp, if he manages to play well in the preseason games he’s going to be on the roster, people on local sports radio are already saying he might be their second best TE.

Demone Harris - Kansas City Chiefs : Defensive End

Harris has found a nice role as a depth linebacker with Kansis City and that has, of course, led to two trips to the superbowl, and a ring. There is no reason to think he won’t be back in red againthis season.

Anthony Johnson - Pittsburgh Steelers : Wide Receiver

Johnson is trying to make the make onto the team from the practice roster. He coughed up the ball in the preseason game against New York, and that does not help.

Malcolm Koonce - Las Vegas Raiders : Defensive End

The Raiders are moving Koonce to outside linebacker, which certainly fit’s his build. Hard to know if they will keep on the UDFA but I suspect Koonce will either make the roster as depth or be on their practice squad.

Evin Ksiezarczyk - Minnesota Vikings : Offensive Tackle

Evin is currently sitting as the right Tackle spot on the Vikings second line. He’s probably the 5th or 6th tackle going into camp so he has a lot of work cut out. Then again, Minnesota’s lines have not been very good so there is room for him to impress.

Cam Lewis - Buffalo Bills : Cornerback

Lewis is being noticed as one of the more athletic Bills corners, and is showing well in camp so far.

Also, a very nice interception here

Khalil & Ledarius Mack - Chicago Bears : Linebacker

Let’s just skip Khalil, who is of course a lock, and talk Ledarius.

It’s hard to think ot Ledarius as “small” but amongst NFL outside linebackers he’s a bit undersized. His athleticism may be enough to crack a roster.

Here he (53) is with other Chicago edge rushers.

Steven Means - Atlanta Falcons : Linebacker

Means has become a stable element of the Atlanta Defense, so much so that he’s going into camp as a first team outside linebacker. He may stick there, but with a $15 million dollar player behind him it’s going to be a lot of work.

Whether or not he starts the season in number one is a question, but expect him to be on the team barring a trade or injury.

Antonio Nunn - Atlanta Falcons : Wide Receiver

Along with Means, Nunn is trying to play for Atlanta. He is an undersized undrafted free agent receiver. That’s a lot going against him, it would take him blowing the doors off of other receivers to get a look.

Perhaps on special teams.

James O’Hagan - New York Giants : Center

Still listed on the NFL’s site but for the life of me I cannot find anything on him and the Giants.

Jaret Patterson - Washington : Running Back

Patterson looks good in camp, he’s going to prove a lot of teams made a mistake judging him by his height in the later rounds of the NFL draft.

Mason Schreck - Cincinnati Bengals : Tight End

Schreck is expected to stay on as a depth tight end and solid special teams player in Cincinnati. There are rumors that some other NFL teams have been sniffing around as well, so he may end up somehwere else via a trade.