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2021 Opponent Preview Nebraska

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Before the coaching chaos and departure of many UB starters this looked to be the “playing a struggling Big10 team and coming away with a win.

To be sure, Nebraska has not adjusted well to life in the Big10. Granted Bo Pelini’s rough departure also had a lot to do with the struggles but whatever the case it’s been five years since the Huskers have had a winning season.

This year they Huskers offense is anchored by a young-ish offensive line but one that at least has four players who started last season’s final game at Rutgers. Led by Cameron Jurgens, a Sophomore, they are hoping to turn the Nebraska running game from “watch the quarterback run” to an effective use of their young running backs.

Have I mentioned that their offense is young?

That’s because, like Buffalo, a lot of their key players transferred out. Backup Quarterback Luke McCaffrey transferred to Louisville, running Back/Receiver Wan’Dale Robinson transferred to Kentucky, and Wide Receiver Kade Warner transferred to Kansas State.

So what do we have to watch out for? The real worry I have looking at Nebraska is the sheer size of their receivers.

Samori Toure, a transfer from Montana, is an example. He’s 6’3” and 190 pounds and he’s going to really be a guy who goes out looking for those 50/50 throws.

The Defense

The performance is not there for a Big10 unit, but the talent is and they have several “super seniors” returning to play another year due to the covid rules.

The main player to watch is outside linebacker JoJo Domann, he’s one of the key leaders of the unit and a guy who will be out there all the time trying to slow down Kevin Marks.

But looking at film there is the potential for Marks to have a break out day. I worry about the youth and inexperience of our offensive line but Nebraska’s defense is having it’s own issues.

This is a team I think we would have run all over had we not seen the post Leipold exits. The potential is still there given what Marks can do but it’s going to hinge on the offensive line coming together fast.

Can UB win?

If nothing had changed because of Kansas I would have had this chalked up as a probable win, and I think the potential is still there to win the game but with the complete change over in the coaching staff and key positions it’s a coin toss.

One thing is for sure, if the Bulls come into this game and win new UB Coach Maurice Linguist will have made an early mark on the program.