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Let’s talk coaches...

MAC Football Championship - Ball State v Buffalo Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

As we wait...

and wait...

and wait...

For Kansas to make up their mind let’s talk UB’s options at this point. It’s pretty obvious that, this late in the game, the Kansas head coach is going to inherit the current assistants.

Football season is only about four months away and it’s a lot to get to a new school, get to know the players, connect with current recruits, and build a staff. So it’s very doubtful that Leipold takes too much from the current coaching staff

It’s also not likely that UB hires someone off staff, even IF they had a short list ready of nationwide candidates it could take weeks to pull the trigger and by then it’s basically already the summer.

Looking at in staff only

The big “three” who would be the likely guys to run the ship next year are Borland, Zebrowski, and Ianello. You could throw Kotelnicki or Simpson in there over Ianello but given iCoach’s history at Buffalo I think he gets the nod as the “administrative” guy.

It’s likely that Simpson / Kotelnicki would be promoted to fill the spot of whoever gets the big chair. Simpson I think would make an excellent DC.

So.. In no particular order


  • Currently : The co-offensive coordinator
  • Tenure : 4 years at Buffalo coaching our quarterbacks
  • Notable Experience : NIU / Minnesota QB coach, OC at Whitewater


  • Currently : Defensive Coordinator
  • Tenure : Seven years at Buffalo, came over with Leipold
  • Notable Experience : 21 years at Whitewater running their defense


  • Currently : Associate HC / Recruiting
  • Tenure : Seven years, took over to administrate the program during the last coaching change
  • Notable Experience : Head Coach at Akron (it did not go well), Years of solid WR coaching at ND and Kansas

I don’t have a “favorite” here. All have done well in their roles but if I had to pick one I’d lean towards Borland for a couple of reasons

  • Ianello is too good at recruiting to divide his attention
  • Simpson would be the best position coach to move up to coordinator.

What are your thoughts?