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Bulls drop a game to Canisius

NCAA Basketball: Buffalo at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

More a fan rant than actual game coverage

So want to know what get’s me on the “we’re looking at the ‘break it’ side of a make or break season for this coaching staff?

That would be having this roster of talent dropping a game to 2-9 Canisius college. ANd not just dropping the game, but being up four points with less than a minute to go and dropping the game.

Buffalo now joins Fredonia and Choppin State as the only teams this season that the Griffs have managed to beat. This is the most embarrassing loss UB has suffered on the court in at least a decade.

For a team good enough to push Saint Bonaventure to the edge this is unacceptable. The Bulls' inability to win a huge game this season already waved any hope of an at-large bid goodbye, but they had played well enough that I had still thought winning it all in Cleveland was still pretty likely.

But now? A team this talented should not be having this big of an “off night”, and if they can drop a game to the Griffs how in the world do we expect them to be on for three nights in a week when the MAC tournament comes. (maybe four with a campus game)

So here we are, can Jim Whitesell take this team, and get them to play every night to their potential? That’s what Bobby Hurley and Nate Oats managed to do, get them playing to their potential.

Or, will the bulls have to settle for another maybe 20 win season and a disappointing trip home from Cleveland.

We wondered where our floor was after the magic Oats and Hurley worked, well, here we are, at ground level.