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No Fans In the Stands

� 2018 University at Buffalo |

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided to allow football in the fall, but no fans in the stands.

“Fanless, the game can go on, the game can be televised, but no fans,” — Andrew Cuomo

The main impact is going to be on Army, Buffalo and Syracuse. The Colonial Athletic association, where Albany and Stony Brook are playing, has already cancelled their season.

Things could change over time

“Guidelines are developed based on the latest guidance from public health officials and data, and will be updated over time based on emerging science and information,” — Cuomo Spokesperson Jason Conwall

But I’d not bet money on things opening up to the point where you can attend a game.

At this time nobody knows if this will apply to Basketball as well, but given it’s an indoor sport I doubt they would be less restrictive.