VB Alumna Endangered by COVID-19 Quarantines


Marisa Hornbaker played volleyball for UB during 2007–2010. Please click on the link to Facebook, you do not have to be a member of Facebook to see the link.

Here is the text from Facebook:

"Pray for the safe/speedy return of our daughter Marisa and husband Sam Aitken. They are stuck in Buenos Aires. They need help from the State Department. Any connections you have, explore them or let us know. Call, email your congressmen/senators — Mention their names — Marisa has Type 1 Diabetes and has limited supplies— MD/PhD candidate/researcher at MD Anderson in Houston and Sam is a clinical Infectious Disease Pharmacist at MDAnderson and is needed there. They were quarantined on Ocean Endeavor (small 300 passenger cruise ship returning from Antarctica) off tip of Argentina for 14 days — Off ship yesterday and half the passengers taken on charter flight to Buenos Aires last night — They had flights to US for today but all cancelled. Embassy has been little to no help. Argentina is shut down so hard situation. Contact your Senators/Congressmen. Pray United Airlines will keep flying out of Argentina. Help get Reese and Sam home!"