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Syracuse uses slew of free throws to overcome Buffalo

NCAA Basketball: Buffalo at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The AP summary will read something like “Buffalo took a 19-17 lead with 13:28 remaining in the first half and led for most of the game. UB grew their lead to 48-37 at halftime and got the lead as high as 57-41 with 16:34 left before the Orange rallied”

The rally ended up being based on more than 20 free throws in the second half. On the game 32 of Syracuse’s points came from the charity stripe. UB, on the other hand, only got to the line for 13 shots.

All that in hand Buffalo still had a chance to close the games in the waning seconds but a last second Graves layup was blocked off the backboard.

While there is little doubt the refs gave Syracuse this game, the Bulls still can’t lean on that excuse. Once again, at the five minute remaining mark of the second half Buffalo had a lead and could not close.

Next up for Buffalo is a game against the Bonnies on the 22nd.