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Bulls Picked 3rd in the MAC East, Ohio picked to win it all.

Dollar General Bowl - Buffalo v Troy Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

After losing one of the best quarterbacks, receivers, linebackers, and centers in the conference the defending MAC east champion Bulls were picked 3rd by the media today at the Conferences media day

MAC East

  1. Ohio
  2. Miami
  3. Buffalo
  4. Kent
  5. Akron
  6. Bowling Green

I expected Ohio to be the favorite, they return a ton and are always near the top. But I was slightly surprised to see Miami at number two.

On the other side of the conference Toledo was picked to win the western division.

  1. Toledo
  2. WMU
  3. NIU
  4. EMU
  5. BSU
  6. CMU

The Bulls draw Toledo, EMU, and CMU this season. So, if this is correct, they will get tested against the top, middle and bottom of the conference.

Overall Conference Winner

  1. Ohio (13)
  2. Toledo (7)
  3. WMU (2)
  4. NIU (1)
  5. CMU (1)

Could this be the year Ohio ends the 50 year Championship drought? Many seem to think that is the case. Like I said above, of the solid MAC team from last year they return more than anyone else.

No, CMU will not win the MAC. At this point I think the one Meida person from Mount Pleasant is doing it just to annoy me. CMU get’s one vote to win the conference, every year, in every sport, without fail.