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Completely made up MAC powerrankings

Bowling Green v Notre Dame Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Most weeks the MAC power rankings involve me trying to find some way to justify moving teams around on the board.

This week I just couldn’t.

I mean Bowling Green slapped around Toledo and after some choke jobs by Ohio and Miami Kent State leads the MAC East. I just don’t get this conference some times.

So this week I literally randomized the order ( thanks rand() function ) and then tried to justify that.

Here is what I came up with.

Rank Team PR Δ Comment
1 BGSU 11 10 They Beat the previous number one team, so there is that
2 WMU 4 2 Tied with CMU for the most overall wins of any team in the MAC
3 Ohio 2 -1 Because they have not won a MAC title since before we landed on the moon and I feel bad for them
4 CMU 9 5 I guess because they are tied with WMU for most wins in the conference (and I also let some CMU beat writer vote?)
5 Kent 10 5 Because their internal investigation of the field hockey fiasco cleared them of wrongdoing
6 EMU 6 0 Because EMU has been square in the middle of the MAC for 3-4 years
7 Akron 12 5 I got nothin.... I can't think of a single reason they should not be in last place
8 Toledo 1 -7 Toledo is solid but you don't lose to a bottom three MAC team like that without falling... 6.... errr7 .... yea 7 sports
9 Buffalo 7 -2 UB is minus two in MAC play, so why not drop them down two.
10 NIU 3 -7 Sure you beat Ohio, but you have the same overall record as Buffalo.
11 Miami 5 -6 You blew it! Had a chance to go up on the Bobcats by another game and laid an egg.
12 BSU 8 -4 You can never change what happened in 2008.