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Complete Buffalo Football Schedule Bulls and Bills 2018

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Nearly every year Bull Run lays out the Bills and Bulls schedules side by side, looking for places that one of the teams home dates cover for the other being out of town or on a bye.

This season the Bills will give you eight chances to go out and enjoy a game, seven of those on the weekend. UB gives you six more chances, four of those are on a weekend.

When you put the Bills and the Bulls together there are eleven weekends where there is a football game and tailgate in Buffalo.

While nothing quite compares to a pregame tailgate in Orchard Park, the Bulls have really come a long way in the past five years towards creating a great pregame atmosphere.

The UB pregame experience includes concerts, a team victory march, and an ever growing number of college game day experiences each and every year.

This year, in particular, might be a good time for Bills fans to look up to Amherst in the fall.

For some reason, apparent only to the geniuses who make NFL schedules, the Buffalo Bills only have one home game in September. To make matters worse, they only have two home game in their first seven of the season.

Over that span, the UB Bulls will have four games, three of them in September.

So, if you really want to tailgate during one of the best months of the year, you should spend a few September Saturday’s watching future NFL wide receiver, Anthony Johnson (Currently rated as the 6th best receiving prospect in the 2019 NFL draft).

In October both the Bills and Bulls have one weekend game and one weeknight game.

Having back to back games on Monday and Tuesday to end the month is kind of neat.

UB plays their last home game early in November and the Bills start to make up for all those

This atmosphere in Amherst is great and it’s priced in such a way that hitting UB games on the weekends when the Bills are out of town won’t break the bank.

Some of the departments ticket programs give you a lot of flexibility. The mobull pass lets you buy 10 game tickets which can be split in any way you like between UB football and basketball.