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BRuWPEG 2018 Champion is Crowned & Picks in for MACC BRuWPEG

2018 BRuWPEG Champion
2018 BRuWPEG Champion of the World.
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BRuWPEG 2018 Winner
And the winner of the 2018 BRuWPEG is......

It was a highly contested match. The 2018 Bull Run Weekly Pick ‘Em Game, or for the cool BRuWPEG, was up for grabs all season. Except for Bull Trojan. He is never in the hunt. Great to see two cellar dwellers DaveyBrew and Vman sniffing near the top early and finishing strong. Both in the top ten with a tie for 5th. I think the holding penalty on Bulls late TD that was called back allowed DaveyBrew to stay tied with Vman. CTBullsfan who has built a super computer to predict the scores comes in at #6. Update the algorithm for next year. Speaking with Dino & Louie in Vegas this morning. With another great showing, markchicago is the odds on favorite for 2019 BRuWPEG. RMA, you made an amazing logo, but your picks stink! There is always 2019!

The writers of Bull Run top point earner is me at 20. John McWhinnie &/or Bull Trojan should have won but failed to make some picks. I am the arbiter of tie breakers and I pick me. If we had skiing pick ‘em, 80 Winspear should prevail, for football, not so much.

Nice to see ArborHill who repeatedly picks against the Bulls under the guise “only trying to help my score” with a strong 14 point total. That is averaging 1.166666666666667 point acquisition per game.

denewts with a great last pick vaults into the silver spot with 6 points. Week 12 had three pickers with 6 points. Aforementioned denewts, taking a beating in this piece Bull Trojan, and DaveyBrew. Congrats on a great week boys. This article is for one person and one person only.

The crown this year is placed on the head of DesertBull. He is so happy that dbburns was able to only arise from his weekly hangover stupors just enough to predict only half the games. Desertbull with a perfect pick vaults to the top of the leaderboard.

As Andy Bernard so eloquently stated, “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them.” Who would have thought this pick would be so meaningful and will be the good old days for DesertBull. Who would have thought this pick against CMU would change the course of BRuWPEG 2018 history. Ladies and Gentleman, I present you the only perfect pick (and look at the time of prediction) of the season:

Lets hope for no crash

Hopefully loss to Army was wake up call for UB. UB 34 Cent Mich 24

Posted by Desertbull on Oct 2, 2018 | 4:34 AM

Congratulations Desertbull. Your CMU pick vaulted you to the top but strong picking rest of season is what earned you the crown. As a previous champion (blatant grab for past glory) welcome to the BRuWPEG Hall of Champions. You win for the most part nothing. You cannot brag to friends or family. They will call you a loser by the time you explain what you won (or didn’t win!) But know you are a champion, oh yes, you are a champion.

You did win two free beers at the DaveyBrew tailgate before any Bulls football home game, a firm handshake, and a pat on the back side (from Vman! because he is Canadian you know) So you have that going for you.

Thank you to everyone who took part in BRuWPEG. It is blast for me to run. Not always are the scores correct and yes you need a Phd. in math to understand scoring. Fun to see the discussion, comrade, and talking some trash especially this year against the Bulls opponents.

Here is the final tally of the 2018 MAC East Champions Buffalo Bulls BRuWPEG!

Final Tally of the 2018 BRuWPEG Regular Season
Final Tally of the 2018 BRuWPEG Regular Season

Get your picks in for Bulls vs. NIU MACC here!