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Bull Projections

Buffalo v Rutgers Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images
Week 9
Kirk @ SBN Birmingham Bowl vs Houston
Palm @ CBS Potato vs Utah State
Sherman @ ESPN Boca Bowl vs FIU
Bonagura @ ESPN Dollar General vs Georgia Southern
Single @ SI Bahamas vs FIU
Bender @ Stng News Dollar General vs Georgia Southern
Parsons @ Orl Sen Dollar General vs Georgia Southern
Staff @ CFN Bahamas vs Marshall

A little less tundra in this weeks projection lineup, and a whole lot less Appalachian State.

Georgia Southern’s big win bumps them up to “likely SBC champion” and since UB is being pegged as the MAC champion that’s the most common Bowl. UB vs GAS at the Dollar General Bowl.

I still like Boca, especially since it’s not against FAU, or the Bahamas but we will se ehow things pan out.