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Buffalo Bulls Men’s Basketball Game Preview: Ohio Bobcats


The Bulls are back in action on another Friday night, as they head to Athens, Ohio to take on the Bobcats. As you probably know by now, the Bulls are 7-0 in the MAC this season and has not won a game by less than 10. Being 7-0 is obviously impressive, but the fashion in which the Bulls are winning stands out more to me. They play with a quick offense and ruthless defense, enough that teams haven’t been able to keep up.

The Ohio Bobcats on the other hand, have had a very tough season, going just 2-5 in the MAC at this point. While trying to play a faster than average style, Ohio just hasn’t been able to get it going offensively, scoring 70+ just twice in conference. Compare that to the Bulls who have scored 80+ in eight straight games. If Ohio wants any kind of chance tonight, they will have to stop the Bulls first and run good offensive sets. If they let UB dictate early, this game will not be close. Let’s look at what else we should watch for.

What to Watch For


The Bobcats play their starters for a majority of the minutes. If Buffalo is able to establish their pace like they have been, they could expose the Ohio bench and tire out their starters. UB is the much deeper team, and I believe that will be on full display.

Jeremy Harris

Harris has been an absolute stud in MAC play, and I would look for that to continue. He seems to have found his shot from the outside, and he has picked up his rebounding. Recently he’s been the guy we all expected him to be, and I can’t wait to see how he keeps developing.

Wes Clark

Clark has put up solid numbers, but nothing too flashy since his apparent shoulder injury. He’s still been playing well and a crucial part of the Buffalo success, but I’m aware he’s due for a huge game. Look for him to play well tonight and start to put up bigger numbers again.

Final Thoughts

This is a game that the Bulls should establish themselves early as the better team and put them away. It’s another national TV game, which is important for this team to gain attention. If they keep playing well on big stages, their at-large looks will increase, which is an important safety net to have in March. The big thing is for this team to stay focused and look one game at a time, and if that happens, there will be a lot of happy Bulls fans tonight. If you’re in the area, I’d suggest the 716 Bar and Grill to watch the game tonight, where UB will be on the big screen. If you’re watching elsewhere, enjoy, and as always, go Bulls!