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Pregame meal : Kent State

NCAA Football: Kent State at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Who’s ready to go 3-2? Anybody?

Well it may not be as easy as we hope going into Kent. The Bulls, over the years, have shown an impeccable ability to play down to their competition.

The Meal:

Flash-Fried Chicken... Here is hoping that UB can fry the birds and do it quickly.

The Bulls have discovered a first half offense this season and that makes the games more entertaining to watch and it helps the Bulls not play from behind as often as they did last season.

The Drink:

A Big Bird Cocktail:

It might make you a little tipsy but the cocktail pairs one ounce of alcohol with five ounces of fruit juice.

Two Things to watch:

1 - UB’s tackling vs Kent’s Running backs: The Bulls tackling can get questionable at times and Kent State has two player who average 4 or more yards per carry, Holley (5.9) and Justin Rankin (4.0)

2 - Who’s playing behind center? Tyree Jackson is still questionable and while Drew Anderson played really well last week the Bulls are probably better off with Tyree.