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Bulls during NFL / CFL Drew Willy

Winnipeg Blue Bombers v Calgary Stampeders Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

We have run through the Bulls playing in NFL camps and are moving on to the UB Alumni who are playing pro ball in the great white north.

And who else to start with but Drew Willy. Willy has had his career ups and downs but with a MAC championship ring (UB 2008), and AFC championship ring (Indy 2009), a UFL (Las Vegas 2010) championship ring, and a Grey Cup championship ring (Sask 2013).

At Indy he was a third string emergency QB. But in Saskatchewan he was key to keeping the Roughriders strong while the starter was out and in Las Vegas he was part of a committee setup.

His first year as the starter in Winnipeg went ok. His second was injury shortened and in year number three the wheels came off for the Blue Bombers. The ans turned on Drew who was demoted and eventually traded.

Willy looked for a fresh start in Toronto where starter Ricky Ray was seen as an ageing and injury-prone player, opening the door for Drew.

But coming into this season Ray is still the man and Drew is a 30 year old guy hoping that his best football is still in front of him. For now Drew has to buckle down and work to make the roster in Toronto, hoping to learn from Ray and the coaching staff.

A lot of Quarterbacks play great ball well into their 30’s, and Drew has done enough to stay on a CFL roster. Probably as the #2 guy in Toronto this season, and given Ray’s history and age it’s likely Drew could get at least a little playing time.