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Buffalo Bills Sign Jordan Johnson as an UDFA

Baylor v Buffalo Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Shortly after mr irrelevant was picked, the Buffalo Bills picked up the phone and called Jordan Johnson.

The Buffalo Bulls running back finished his career at UB ranked 6th all time in yards with 2,212 yards. His average yards per carry, 4.96, is second among Buffalo's all time top ten yardage gainers to only the great Willie Evans.

Johnson showed a ton of potential but the Bulls offensive woes under the current staff held him back. Still, even with the struggle of the unit as a whole, Johnson broke Alan Bell's single game record when he carried the ball 24 times for 284 yards against the Akron Zips.

The last Bull Running back to get picked up as an UDFA was Branden Oliver, who had a fantastic rookie season with San Diego back in 2014.

(H/T To BOAB for correcting our earlier mistake on crediting O.D. Underwood with having held the record which was broken by Johnson)